Blog – POPS WORLDWIDE POPS Kids and Friends Event - A Safe playground for Vietnamese children

POPS Kids and Friends Event - A Safe playground for Vietnamese children

POPS Kids event is an annual activation event hosted by POPS Kids channel, which aims to create a safe playground for Kids and Families on International Children’s Day and summer vacation.

This year, the event took place at Van Hanh Mall (Dist 10, HCMC, Vietnam) with the concept “POPS Kids & Friends” which gather all the most-loved characters all over the world featuring on POPS Kids channel. At POPS Kids & Friends events, children have fun and interacted with world-famous cartoon characters and series such as Doraemon, Pokémon, One Piece, Tom & Jerry, Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, … and many other popular characters.

Hình 5 - POPS Kids và những người bạn, sân chơi dành cho các bé nhân dịp quốc tế thiếu nhi

The event lasts for three days with a lot of activities along three different themes:

On the first day of POPS Kids & Friends, children interacted with adorable Doraemon & Friends who familiar characters in the popular cartoon series. Besides, in the open space of mall center, kids enjoyed and participated in many exciting activities with their parents and friends such as painting and colorings, dancing with Doraemon and taken part in exciting games on stage to receive hundreds of attractive gifts.


At the second day, fans will have chances to interact with famous kid talents from Mam Choi La series, Hoa Mat Troi band, Be Kutin and Bao Ngu. They all performed on stage, joining the games and take photos with fans extremely joyful.




Last day of the event, the kids met the characters in the popular Pokémon animated series, especially Pikachu show and parading around the mall area got many attentions from the public which made not only kids but also the Pikachus’ fans feel so excited.






A lot of people taken part in this event. With POPS Kids & Friends, parents could to find a safe destination for their kids in this summer.

About POPS Kids 

POPS Kids is an online entertainment channel that produces educational and entertaining content for children. POPS Kids consists of carefully produced content dedicated to young children, featuring the music show “Mam Choi La” and animated series from Boomerang and most-loved Japanese series like Doraemon, Pokémon, One Piece,… POPS Kids distributes many children music videos with the views ranging from tens to hundreds. POPS Kids earned its YouTube Gold Play Button in 2016 and now serves over 4.3 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views. POPS Kids TV for iOS and Android are mobile applications for smartphones and tablets that provide a human-curated and safe content environment for children.

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