Blog – POPS WORLDWIDE Vietnam welcomes the Riki Universe

Vietnam welcomes the Riki Universe

In Asia, FUN Union signed an agreement with POPS Worldwide in Vietnam for Vietnamese-language versions of BabyRiki, KikoRiki and PinCode for POPS Kids channel. Vietnamese versioning is underway and the titles will launch within the year.

“We are very happy and proud to have such well-known animated series as PinCode, BabyRiki, and especially KikoRiki join our POPS Kids channel,” said Esther Nguyen, CEO POPS Worldwide. “It is an honour to partner with the FUN Union team and bring this enticing top-of-the-line content, fully localized, to Vietnam. I strongly believe it will delight all our existing fans and help create many new ones.”

About POPS Worldwide

POPS Worldwide is the leading digital entertainment in Southeast Asia with over 3.5 billion monthly views and works with over 2,700 international and domestic content partners. POPS Kids is an online entertainment channel that produces educational and entertaining content for children. POPS Kids consists of carefully produced content dedicated to young children, featuring the music show “Mam Choi La” and animated series from Boomerang and most-loved Japanese series like Doraemon, Pokémon, One Piece,… POPS Kids distributes many children music videos with the views ranging from tens to hundreds. POPS Kids earned its YouTube Gold Play Button in 2016 and now serves over 4.3 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views. POPS Kids TV for iOS and Android are mobile applications for smartphones and tablets that provide a human-curated and safe content environment for children. POPS Kids: POPS Kids on YouTube:

About FUN Union
FUN Union is an animation content creator and global distributor with a focus on children of pre-school and primary school ages. FUN Union’s community of brands is centred on the award-winning Riki Universe, with positive and uplifting cartoons that help develop key life skills, including communication, cooperation, creativity and critical thinking. With a digital ecosystem leveraging technology to gather valuable insights, FUN Union believes in learning from audiences to continually improve market reach and create high quality entertaining content. For more information, visit

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