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Leading Digital Entertainment
In Southeast Asia

POPS Kids is the most loved and well known kids brand in Vietnam. POPS is committed to building a fun, engaging and safe environment for our children by providing a wide range of local and international edutainment and entertainment content. With over a 100,000 hours of content, our children’s platform encompasses the following features:

Exclusive, premium & safe licensed video contents

Smart personalization & parental control features

Completely free to use to watch anytime, anywhere and on any device

Available cross platform: Smart TV, Tablets & Smartphones

With over 300,000 titles, our POPS video application will provide every modern audience, from the children to the young adults and the parents, a wide range of entertainment options.

Premium Content

POPS produces, co-produces and cooperates to distribute content with world-leading partners, artists, comedians, broadcasters, production houses and top content creators to bring a friendly, safe and diverse digital content library with more than 600,000 videos ranging from Music, Entertainment and Kids to our viewers.

POPS Partners

International Partner

POPS partners with the world's leading media companies to produce, market, and distribute some of the world’s largest brands such as E!, Boomerang, TLC and more. With deep understanding of our markets, we are able to deliver the most relevant premium content to our audience along with our partners.

Artist & Content Creators

POPS has created a media network encompassing thousands of locally loved artists, comedians, creators, TV Broadcasters, and media companies whose content genres range from Music, Entertainment, Kids to News and many more.

Other Platforms

POPS currently owns and operates the largest channels across multiple platforms in Vietnam and Thailand, with more than 1,500 partners and and millions of fans across Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more. POPS is the largest distributor of copyrighted digital music, bridging artists to fans on the leading music streaming services like Spotify, Apple iTunes and Amazon Music.